Ken AKA @KRPSY (Pronounced “kor•p•see”) (b.1994)

When you take “persona” into the realm of performance, how far can you push it before the lines are blurred between where the criticality ends and the true ego begins? KRPSY is a character, persona, legend, and a myth, portrayed by a boy who uses a façade to express his inner most feelings.

Working with a diverse range of mediums, I use the persona to express the thoughts and emotions relevant to myself and my particular interests any way I can; through fashion, two-dimensional and three-dimensional installation works, as well as photography and writing. However fake the persona may be, the emotions and intent behind the work are very real. The persona is a catalyst to my vulnerability by deploying a proxy between me and the real world, enabling the voice of my true self to resonate uninhibitedly.
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